Mairead McGuirk Interviews


Mairead McGuirk is one of 5 running for VP Academic Affairs. A third year biology student, she thinks she has what it takes to help improve the student experience for every student as well as the staff.

What made you nominate yourself for this position?

“My cousin suggested the idea in summer, and I thought it would be something that I would be good at and enjoy”

Why is this position important to you?

“I’m really interested in the academic side of university and love the idea of getting people involved. This is an excellent way of giving something back to the university”

What can you give to this position that other nominees can’t?

“No-one can match the amount of energy that I have! I will do anything in my power to get what I want as I can be very stubborn!”

I’m always ready and willing for anything

Mairead McGuirk
VP academic affairs hopeful

How will you build upon the work of your predecessor?

“I love the idea of the course reps, but I really want to make them more public and close the gap between them and the students. I also want to implement a library counter to show how many people that are in the library and where there are spaces”

What is your main election strategy?

“Getting out there and talking to people, just getting more people to vote and, of course, as many as possible for me!”

Have you any experience running for, or volunteering for SUSU-run organisation?

“I have been involved in Bio-soc since first year and am now the President. I have also been a course rep for the last three years”

What do you think this position will bring to your future career prospects?

“It will show a willingness to fight for people’s views, as well as dedication and teamwork. It will also show that I can think outside the box to find a solution to a problem. My dream job would be working at an Outreach programme, and this is an excellent way of getting experience and gaining experience”

If you could hold office for one day, what would you do?

“I would hold a forum for a day to get as many views from the students as possible and then work to solve the ones that are most attainable within one day. Everyone has a different university experience and I would want to make sure that I represent everyone”

Which politician do you think you are most like?

“None. I’m too honest to be a politician, and could never run a smear campaign”

If you had £1million to spend in one hour, what would you do?

“I would create a 24hr PC suite, and also update all the computer software to ensure that it is the same across all the systems and the latest available”

You are stuck on a desert island with one person, one thing and one song – what would they be?

“I would take my sister, a fridge of food and my song would be Roll It Gal by Allison Hinds, as it would get us both singing and dancing”

How are you planning on keeping students updated with the changes that you implement?

“I feel that people don’t visit the SUSU website enough, and so would start my own blog and website, where people can post ideas anonymous”

What do you believe the main role of VP Academic affairs is?

“Working between the students and the university for the best education experience for both. The university is a business, so I need to make sure that solutions work for the university too. Have to balance ideas and compromise”

How do you plan to balance representing the students’ views and keeping a good relationship with tutors and the university?

“I have to deal with that at the moment as Bio-soc president. You need excellent communication and to be able to see both sides of the argument. I plan to use the course reps and presidents to gain a good overview of all departments”

How do you plan to ensure you can implement all of your promises?

“I would be realistic in what I promise to deliver, for example I can’t magic up study space, but I can work to improve access to what we have got”

What is your unique selling point that makes you the best candidate?

“I am different to other candidates – I have a different view and can think of solutions that others don’t think of. Also, my limitless energy, drive and motivation. I’m always ready and willing for anything”


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