Photographer Chris Tang Reveals Exciting Opportunity


Chris Tang works mostly in portraiture by using light as a way to observe social aesthetics. He is interested in the idea of identity and how he can question it by challenging common perceptions and stereotypes. When viewing his photographs we get the sense of a story being told, creating an intense curiosity.

When asked about key inspirations for his latest project, Chris enthusiastically spoke of the photographer’s Phillip Dicorcia and Jeff Wall, who also use lighting and portraits as the main elements within their work.

Currently Chris is working on a major project, called ‘Surface’. This project is an in-depth look into people from a range of backgrounds, jobs and aspirations, with the aim of creating a series of portraits. In these portraits he will create a ‘built reality’, putting his subjects in situations they would not normally see themselves. This in turn will, to an extent, objectify them.

In summary Chris’ project is “a look into the representation (documented) and the re-presentation (the non-stereotypical view of an individual in reality) of our personas in modern society.”

Due to the nature of his work Chris needs a range of people to photograph for his portraits and has asked for help from those in Southampton or Winchester. It would only require an hour of your time and in a chosen location; whether it’s your home, workplace or favourite place to go. So what’s in it for you? As well as getting to feature in a professional photographers work, you will also, as Chris said himself, get yourself a “nice potential facebook profile picture”.

If you are interested then let Chris know by emailing him at or if you just want to take a look at his work then his website is

Written by Sarah Boxall

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