Union President Candidate Interviews; Simon Boyce


One of the two presidential candidates is Simon Boyce. We met up with him to see what he believes is the right path for theUnionand whether or not he could challenge current President Sam Ling.

How are you finding campaigning?

I’m finding it a challenge, you’ve got to co-ordinate and hit the right places but iI’m enjoying it. I visitedWinchesterto find out what their issues were and talked to them which is what I enjoy the most, talking to people.

What is the role of union president?

I think it’s a mix of things. You don’t want to micromanage people who have their own responsibilities, you want to be hands off with them but you are the visible face of the union so you have to let yourself be seen and talk to people to find out problems and the go and do something about them.

What are the 3 most pressing issues facing the Union?

Societies – I keep hearing about budget cuts and financial issues and people come to me about wanting to raise money but not getting any support from SUSU, so that’s a key issue for me, to free up societies so they don’t have to keep coming back asking for more and more from the societies budget, to let them make their own budget and thus leaving more for the other societies who maybe can’t fundraise.

My second point is the welfare issue. I want to see people with more information about the welfare provided for them. On a personal level I’d like to see people with more knowledge, whether it’s the Union run services or the university run services, people need to know about them.

Finally, transparency and openness. People need to know where money is going and have easier access to committee meetings and things as well as knowing what Sabbs do day in day out.

I think it’s fair to say that if you have the ideas and the drive then go for it, and I have the ideas and drive so I’ve gone for it.

What is an issue that has been forgotten about in recent years, but that still holds importance?

Long pause. Tough question. Pause. I think a lot of the forgotten issues are the unfashionable ones. Eating disorders, a lot of the candidates don’t want to talk about it, other than Chloe Green really, I think the students have forgotten the people having problems and don’t feel like the union is the first port of call, which it should be

What weakness do you have that you fell you need to improve upon?

I have a terrible memory, it’s the one thing about me that I hate the most. I have to write everything down and keep really good notes about things and that’s something I am working on. It is a major difficulty but I am working on memory techniques and that. On a personal level I see that could be a problem but at the same time is something I’m committed to improving.

What is Sam’s best point, that makes him a serious candidate for President?

I think the best thing about Sam is that it would be continuity. I don’t think there would be any surprises with another term with Sam, which appeals to a lot of people. Personally I think people need to have a choice, that’s a reason I’m here. Sam has a lot of strengths where people might not know what Simon Boyce might provide, but that’s why I’m going around telling people.

Do you think running just so people have a choice is a good enough reason to run for President?

I do have a lot of substance than I could write in my manifesto and if you look at what I’ve talked about then its easy to see that. Obviously it’s my job to make that clear. Yes, I did go for it at the last minute because I was very concerned that no one else was going for it. I think that other candidates might have been intimidated by Sam’s good record. I would really like to see more people go for it next year.

You mention we need to work better with Solent, what we can get from this

Well I went to an event co-hosted between societies here and there. It was great and I don’t see why we don’t cooperate so that we can join together our different talents and its such a great opportunity with 2 great universities in the city and we aren’t really cooperating. The more we can do together the stronger both our groups are.

So there we have a rough idea of who Simon Boyce is and what he would like to do to improve theUnion. For more information on all the candidates please visit susu.org/elections

I think it’s fair to say that if you have the ideas and the drive then go for it, and I have the ideas and drive so I’ve gone for it.



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