Wessex Scene Poll Shows Tight Sports and Engagement Races


The results of opinion polls conducted after this week’s candidate debates show students are yet to be convinced by any one candidate in the races for VP Sports Development and VP Student Engagement.

With voting opening at 1pm today, the results of our polls may give some indication to how the student body views the respective candidates.

The five-person race for VP Sports Development is the tightest result of our polls, with Sam Huish winning 25% of the opinion but only won two more votes than the “undecided” category. Dean Jones came in third with 20%, Sion Roberts with 16% and Laura Gottleib with 15%. Tom Norton, who was absent from the debates but sent in a video, picked up only 2 of the 185 votes cast.

VP Student Engagement seems to be a similarly fierce contest. Robert Leane won 35% of the vote ahead of Natalie Ralph on 28%, with current VP and re-runner Shane Murphy third on 22%. 17% of students were still undecided on this position.

Sasha Watson, another re-running sabbatical, fared significantly better than Shane in our poll, winning 46% of the 164 votes cast. Oli Bills came in second on 14% along with ‘Undecided’ that also scored 14%. Sophie Kamperis came in with 11%, Rachel Stockey with 9% and Mairead McGuirk with 6%.

The race for VP Welfare and Communities, which was one of the more interesting debates over the two nights last week, is lead by Chloe Green who took 46% in our opinion poll. Nick Johnson came in second with 21%, followed by Simon Eyles on 13% and Frank Sondors on 7%. 13% of students were still undecided on who to vote for.

The polls for the two head-to-head races in the upcoming elections, for VP Communications and the Presidency, came out with clear leaders. David Gilani won 57% of the vote against Chloe Richardon on 29% for the Communications position, while Sam Ling, re-running for a second year in office, took 82% against competitor Simon Boyce’s 12%.

Numbers voting were impressive and over 150 in all categories, but with an estimated 8000 votes to be cast over the next four days, these polls reflect only a small sample of the total student body.

The full statistics for all the polls can be found here and here, while you can hear from all the candidates speaking to the Wessex Scene here.

Voting opens at 1pm today and closes 6.30pm on Thursday.


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