Chloe Green is your VP for Welfare and Communities


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After a tense battle of the witty slogans, the winner of this years VP Welfare and Communities vote has been announced and with 2985 votes, the victor is Chloe Green! Well done to all the contenders who put on a great campaign making the result a close one, but it would seem that Green is the colour of choice.

She’ll have to make sure all students within the university are given the attention and care they deserve as well as promoting student involvement in larger communities. Basically, making sure you guys are well looked after and that we all get along.

21 year old Chloe is studying for a BA in English and as your current Equality and Diversity Officer, she should be well equipped to handle the pressures of the job.

Her posters and band of green minions has paid off and we look forward to seeing her put her manifesto points into action.

Well Done Chloe!


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