Sasha Watson is your returning VP Academic Affairs


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Proving their intelligence with their witty name based puns, the candidates for VP Academic Affairs were in fierce competition. The votes have been counted and with an overwhelming majority of 2664 votes, it doesn’t take Sherlock to see that Sasha Watson is continuing as your VP Academic Affairs! The other candidates put up a great fight, but there was just no escaping that purple logo.

Apparently the most important part of university is education, as this is technically the reason we are all here. The VP of Academic Affairs job entails protecting our academic rights, being our representative in educational concerns and promoting awareness of everything academic. They make sure we are actually getting the best learning opportunities possible.

23 year old Sasha graduated with a MSC in Global Politics and has already done a great job in the role last year. By being re-elected, we are sure he will continue his success by placing our education first.

Well Done Sasha! The choice, after all, was Elementary my Dear.

By Alice Gray and Andy Haywood


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