Results of Student Leader Elections Announced


The results of the student leader elections have been announced and the winners will take up their posts in July of this year in preparation for the academic year 2012-2013.

In comparison to last year, the elections saw a higher voter turnout and all positions were filled apart from Postgraduate Officer. Eight positions were uncontested but required the candidate to receive more votes than RON (re-open nominations).

The new student leaders are Saranna Harris as AU Officer, Heather Undrell as Sports and Health Officer, Jade Head as Societies Officer, Jack Hodgson as JCR Officer, Claire Gilbert as Performing Arts Officer, Caroline Hughes as RAG Officer, Tunde Yusuff as Student Enterprise Officer and Rowanna Baker as Union Films Cinema Manager. Community Volunteering Officer will be Aleesha Adams, while Husain Patel will take on the role of International Student Officer.

The new student media team will consist of Carly Brown leading SUSUtv, David Martin heading The Edge, Benjamin Morton running Surge Radio and Ellie Sellwood acting as Wessex Scene Editor.

Ellie Sellwood said of the victory:

“I’m absolutely ecstatic to have won this election, Charlotte was a fantastic competitor so I knew it would be close. Next year looks set to be very exciting, I’m really looking forward to working with a new team of editors and contributors to continue making the Wessex Scene the publication this university deserves”.

Students were also elected as heads of the different university faculties. For engineering, Raminder Poonian was selected, Christopher Hambley will oversee Health Sciences and Rachel Stockey will continue in her role as Humanities Faculty Officer.

Andy Catton was elected as Medecine Faculty Officer, Maha Olschowsky will be Natural & Environmental Sciences’ Faculty Officer, while Physical & Applied Sciences elected Oli Bills. Site Officers for SGH and the NOC will be Benjamin Smalley and Katy O’Brien respectively.

The full break down of results can be found here.


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