Music in Winchester


As an art student in an art school that only does art courses, it can be easy to become consumed by, well, art; and its easy to forget that there are other forms of creativity in and around winchester. One of these creative outlets is music. You just have to take a stroll down the high street on pretty much any afternoon in summer or winter, rain or shine, to realise this. On particularly popular days you can even get a fusion of many different songs by walking up this bustling street. Unlike some other cities, the busking rules of Winchester means that anyone can show up and start playing pretty much whenever they want. But it is not only the sheer volume of performers that make this a particularly vibrant place to be musically, its the variety of different styles that you’ll come across. Locals will be familiar with the middle aged guitarist, as well as being able to listen to opera singers and the odd folk trio. My personal favourite however, has to be the teenager in a bright yellow tracksuit, playing the accordion and rapping over the top. Sadly, as I only saw this guy once it must have been a one off special performance. But at least for now, and for anyone thinking of trying this, we know its a dynamite combination.
It’s not just Winchester’s streets that brings forward musical talent, venues such as the Railway and O’neills pubs feature live bands, both local and those from further afield; while more recently, the Winchester School of Art Music Society has been brought into creation. This allows students who play instruments or who simply like music to join together and share this extra interest. So if you’re a fan of any music and are interested in joining the music society, you can find them on Facebook or contact Jamie Ryder-Phillips, the society’s founder.

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Written by Sarah Benson


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