Hollywood Stars In Winchester For ‘Les Mis’


Winchester is playing Hollywood this week as the film adaptation of hit musical and Victor Hugo novel ‘Les Miserable’ has been filmed in the historic city!

Hollywood stars Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman are in Winchester and scenes will be shot at Winchester college, tonight being the last chance to see them in action! Filming took place last night in College Street near the Cathedral, which had been dressed up to look like 19th Century Paris.

Jackman has allegedly been spotted in Riverside Park Gym and Crowe has also been to the gym and “patrolling the streets” at night according to his Twitter!

However, Russell Crowe tweeted: “I won’t be in Winchester until all Winchesterians are in bed and the town becomes Paris in the still of night. I will be waiting.” – so if you are planning to watch them in action, may be a late one, and rather difficult at that (sounds like an interesting challenge for those going out tonight!)

Les Mis is the latest big screen films to be shot in Winchester, including the Da Vinci Code and Elizabeth. Who says nothing happens in little ol’ Winchester?

Image from Daily Echo




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