Those Old Home Videos



When interviewing Lorna Barnshaw, a talented second year fine art student, it was evident how passionate she is about her work. The attention to detail, laborious nature of some of her pieces and variety of experimental qualities, highlights this dedication, and her ability to thoroughly explore an idea.

Currently, Lorna is working on the idea of the coexistence of analogue and digital: “I want to explore the materiality of film and the ethereal nature of digital, exploiting the materiality of the film onto an immaterial ground.” This has led to her contorting, burning and adding wax to film, creating glitches within the moving images, and hole punching film and negatives to create interesting circular snapshots.

When asked about key inspirations for her project, Lorna mentions Tacita Dean, who is currently exhibiting at the Tate Modern. Dean shares Lorna’s’ passion for film and frequently uses analogue film techniques in her work.

For this project, Lorna requires a range of old negatives and film, and has asked for your help: “I’m in dire need of any old negatives you have and no longer want. Also any old slides, home videos (I can digitalize them for you if wanted) or even mix-tapes you have lying around.”

Her project relies on you, so if you have any of the above that you no longer want, it doesn’t matter about the condition of them, then contact Lorna Barnshaw through Facebook or by popping into the Sculpture department of WSA.

Written by Sarah Boxall

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