The Fashion Student’s Guide to Internships


Illustration by Valerie Yen

Like most relationships in life, the one you have with your degree will teach you many things:

A lot about yourself and the world around you,  communication, time management and that if you stay up past 3am completing your portfolio, you have an outer-body experience. But it’s not good enough simply to work hard on this course (even if it is the night before hand-in) and get good grades. On almost any degree, you’re told “It’s the experience that counts if you want to get anywhere.”

Treat your internship like your best friend, it’s a two-way relationship and you get out what you put in.

A massive jolt of inspiration yes, but when the reassuring buzz wears off we’re often left feeling well, a little deflated. Most people have a hobby, something they love to do. For fashion students I feel, we’re simply pursuing that passion into a career. Because how many people can honestly say you’re doing something you love and you’re also being paid to do it? This is the time of year when we are bombarded with emails from career destinations, “find your perfect summer internship”, and “kick off your summer with the Employability Festival.” I’m reading these messages and thinking, this is all well and good but it’s not relevant to my course.  So I’ve gone my own way about finding summer work placements:

Twitter I found was a big help; a lot companies advertise internships through twitter so it’s worth keeping an eye out and sending a few emails. is another great way to get yourself recognised. It works like any other job site and it only takes a few minutes to create your profile, where you can upload your previous work for potential employers to see.

There’s no denying that work experience is an important part of your time at university, it enriches your CV and makes the prospect of looking for a job when you graduate a little less frightening. But I would seriously advise finding something that’s right for YOU. The interview is as much about finding out if the position is right for you, as it is the employer seeing if you’re right for the company. Treat your internship like your best friend, it’s a two-way relationship and you get out what you put in (there’s no point interning without a good reference). There’s a magnitude of students just like us at WSA all over the country looking for work so the quicker you get looking the better.

Fashion internships are more like gifts than jobs, they’re rare to find and even harder to get. A million girls would kill for that job and chances are, it’s probably the one you’ve just applied for!



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    This can easily be stretched to most internships, especially in the Design and Media industry.

    I’ve found @AdJobWall to be a really helpful Twitter feed. They post Full-Time work/Internship/Work experience openings for PR/Design/Tech/Fashion/Blegh.

    But yeah there are loads of feeds like that one, you’ve just gotta look.

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