11.7.2012: The Olympic Torch in Winchester


The Olympic Torch is due to pass through the historic town of Winchester this afternoon.

The Torch entered Hampshire earlier today, and is passing through Winchester, Basingstoke and Andover where large crowds are expected to line the streets in an effort to catch a glimpse of the great journey of the Olympic flame towards London.

Today’s route around Winchester – a town just a ten minute train away from Southampton – starts on Worthy Road at 13.19pm before turning down Hyde street at 13.29pm. Successive torch bearers will pass historic sites in Winchester in a loop that will take in the King Alfred Statue and the Cathedral Green. The procession will pass Winchester Cathedral at 13.49pm.

At around 14.07pm the torch and convoy will stop for an hour at Osborne school where pupils with learning difficulties will be given a chance to welcome the torch.

Upon arrival at the ancient capital of England through Hyde Street, the ‘Hyde900 Olympic Torch Choir’ will perform a piece entitled Welcome Torchbearer, which has been composed bt the Hampshire Poet Laureate Brian Evans-Jones and local composer Henrietta Wentworth-Stanley.

Twelve torchbearers  – of many different ages from 12 to 51 – will take part as a sign of appreciation for all the community, charity, and school work that they have contributed to Hampshire over the years.

As part of the relay, the Torch is due to pass through The New Forest and Southampton on Saturday, with thousands expected to line the streets.

Trains can be caught from Southampton Central(15 minute journey) and Southampton Airport Parkway(10 mins) Train stations to Winchester at least every half an hour.


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    Elizabeth Chapman

    I lined the streets of Winchester today and the atmosphere was fantastic and a Carnival atmosphere.I am lead to beleive that the torch will be passing through Hampshire a few times and will be seen more times here in Hampshire, than any where else, so we are lucky to be able to see it a few times. Today was a proud example of how us Brits come together for events like this. I stood next to an Americian lady and she was very impressed!!! I was proud to be English today!!! This torch has been a moment of fun in a very gloomy and depressing time. For all those critics out there who said nobody would turn out for the torch should “Eat their words!!!!!” I would wait again for a glimpse of the torch. One last word is that when the torch passed through Winchester, the Cathedral bells were to be herd in all their glory…… marvelous!!!!

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