Winchester Work Experience: Hayley Jones


Name: Hayley Jones

Course: BA Graphic Arts (Graphic Design Pathway)

 Company: Look, Touch & Feel

Tell us about where you worked, who they are and what they do:

I worked for  a small full-service digital and creative consultancy called Look, Touch & Feel (LTF).  They work with clients in all sectors, providing a range of services from branding through web technologies, to social media engagement.

How long were you there for?
It started on 2nd July just as a two week work experience, however after the first week I was asked to come back and work for the company until 31st August with a possibility for more work afterwards!

How did you get your work placement?
In April  I wrote to a few graphics companies in Northampton to see if I could get some work with them for a few weeks (for free of course). LTF replied instantly and asked if I could send them my CV along with my portfolio (I sent a link to my Tumblr page).

Why did you apply to work here?
The main reason for me applying to LTF is that not only were they a graphics and web design company, but their website made them look appealing and a fun place to work. They have worked with a variety of companies from Barclay card to smaller businesses such as dog grooming services. They also have a dog called Pixel in the office – great bonus!

What were your key jobs and responsibilities?

– Created some advertisements for the company, promoting their services.

– Used various creative programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and WordPress.

– Worked on Timmy Mallet’s new website and being responsible for taking the information of his exhibitions from his old website to his new website.

– Created confidential info-graphics for Barclaycard’s Fraud Department, using Adobe Illustrator to create visuals of hard to understand fraud complaint processes.

– Designed cupcakes for the company to send out to their customers.

– Added new information to the LTF website, promoting new websites that they have created and brochures, branding etc. that they have made.

– Created a logo for a new wedding shop, which I will later be helping to make a website for.

– Contacted customers regarding website content changes, and creating a press release document for the Timmy Mallet website.

What skills have you learned and what have you learned about the industry?
By working at LTF I have really improved on my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills! I was quite useless at the programs before, however since working here I have used them everyday, gaining help from professionals who use them all the time.

The industry is very competitive and you have to work really hard to prove to customers that you are perfect for the job. Adding that little bit extra into what you are pitching to the customer can mean the difference between winning a £28,000 project, or losing to someone who had put in a few more hours. There are many aspects to the industry and I can see that by knowing the ins and outs of various software and by having that creative edge, you can be very successful!

What tips and advice would you give for other students looking to apply for a similar work placement?
You need to put yourself out there! Go and ask companies if you can work with them. You can’t expect them to come to you! I thought it would be quite difficult to get work experience, but if you look for the right company and show that you are interested in them, then its simple.

Also keep your portfolio varied and up to date. Do pieces in your free time to show that you are interested in the subject. Companies like to see dedication and unique talent – it is a creative industry and lots of ideas are needed to please customers.

Hayley’s advertisement for Look ,Touch & Feel
Cupcake designs
Timmy Mallet’s exhibition website content
Logo idea for the Wedding Shop

2nd Year studying Graphic Arts (Illustration)

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