‘Styled to Rock’- Eye-Opening Reality For Fashion Students


The position that every aspiring designer wants; working under the guidance of their stylist.The winner of the new SKY living show, ‘Styled To Rock’ wins the prize of styling Rihanna for a live show in London. Opportunity of a lifetime? Yes!

The lucky eleven include Fashion Design post-graduates as well as those who are still studying. They have been given the task of designing for artists including Kanye West, Cheryl Cole and The Saturdays. Week after week they work hard to meet creative design briefs, set directly from the artist themselves. An amazing opportunity to work with some seriously high-profile clients under the guidance of some very well respected industry professionals. I personally wouldn’t mind having Henry Holland as my personal tutor for ten weeks!

Contestant Heidi’s designs for The Saturdays

The show is an eye-opener to those wishing to work in Fashion Design. From the creativity and dedication to the versatility required to work in such a fast-paced and demanding environment. At WSA we’re repeatedly told the importance of generating ideas quickly, and the show throws this into stark reality. Three hours to generate a concept and a range of ideas, shop for fabrics and pitch your idea to the client? Now that’s seriously fast fashion.

A huge advantage of this show is the customer, they HAVE to look good.

I remember working to a four week brief in my first year at WSA and thinking there was an incredible amount of pressure to get everything ready in time for the project review. Yet these designers are working to a weekly brief, designing, pattern cutting, sampling, and creating finalised outfits in less than a week! If that’s not a serious motivator for fashion students everywhere I don’t know what is. It throws into sharp focus just exactly what is expected from you as a designer in the industry today, and as I’m sure many others did, I came away from the programme inspired to push myself further this year.

There’s no denying the talent this show is exhibiting however, and I’m not just referring to their creative abilities. The confidence to network with industry professionals and meet the demands of a brief, as well as have the ability to step out of your comfort zone, are valuable lessons every designer has to learn. Do you think you’d be up to the challenge?


Meganne’s line-up for The Saturdays




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    Hi, Love this show and was wondering if you could remember what fabric it was that Steve and Megan were told to stop using so much by Nicola Roberts. Totally cant remember but liked how they said it made things easier. Have a whole collection to do for my final year and thought i could use some of whatever it was for some of my pieces if it makes life a wee bit easier!

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