Freshers Find Love at the Ball


Last night’s Fresher’s Ball not only had some amazing acts performing live, but we also saw a rather special moment, and it wasn’t Greg James DJ-ing in our own back yard!

No, in this case Greg James was the background to some real romance, when he invited William Honeywill on stage, who proceeded to ask for Kate Guppy to join in front of the crowd. He then proposed to her, saying that he’d been saving for the ring for 2 years. Fortunately, Kate said yes, and the crowd cheered for the newly-engaged couple.

To quote Greg James “That was rather nice wasn’t it?”

If you want to re-live the proposal, just have a watch of the magic moment on the SUSU Facebook page!

The Wessex Scene would like to congratulate the happy couple, and wish them the very best for the future.



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