Sweat, Lactic Acid and 350km: The SUACC 24 Hour Relay


The Athletics and Cross Country team are currently attempting a grueling 24 hour long relay that will last until 12:00 tomorrow in order to raise money for  Cerebral Palsy Sports and their warm weather training over Easter 2013.

Wessex Scene Sports caught wind of this impressive act of endurance taking place as you read this on Highfield Campus and had a quick chat with SUACC President John Wright to find out what was going on and what causes they were raising money for.

“One half of the money we raise today will be given to a charity called ‘Cerebral Palsy Sports’ which raises money in order to support people with Cerebral Palsy who take part in sport from recreational, right up to Paralympic standard.”

The Athletics and Cross Country team won most improved team of the year at last year’s AU Awards and are clearly looking to improve further this year with funds raised at today’s event as John explained,

“The other half of the money raised is going towards our warm weather training camp. We will train in warm weather at a high altitude over Easter 2013 in order to gain an advantage when competing in the BUCS events this year so that we can do better than last year.”

Groups will be running in three hour shifts on a 410m course around Highfield campus without breaking the relay chain until 12:00 tomorrow. After five hours of constant running the team have covered a collective 80km which puts them well on course to achieve their goal of 350km – the equivalent of running from Southampton to Paris.


After completing 24 hours of non-stop running around campus SUACC ran a huge total of 389.1km, smashing their target of 350km by just under 40km! Another update will follow once Wessex Scene Sports knows how much money has been raised for Cerebral Palsy Sports and the warm weather training camp.


Wessex Scene Sports have just been informed that SUACC raised £440 over the course of their relay. The team have kindly decided that they will be donating the ENTIRETY of the money raised to Cerebral Palsy Sports as it will benefit the charity more than the team.
Wessex Scene Sportswishes SUACC the best of luck for the coming year!


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