Fine Art Presents: The New Media Salon


Great art, free wine and cake has become the expected standard from a Fine Art event and The New Media Salon this afternoon was no exception.

The open studio is an opportunity for second and third years to showcase their work and for others to have a little nosy around and see what everyone’s getting up to. Showcases such as this are great for encouraging collaboration between students from different pathways, which often produces the most exciting and innovative work.

The New Media studios were buzzing with action as students from all over the school, many from other courses as well as Fine Art, came to see the fruits of New Media’s labours. Video pieces filled the larger bookable space and in the smaller  studio there was all manner of work, including a ‘cubby’ in a wooden structure filled with furry blankets and a diary for the viewers’/participants’ thoughts. New Media is a really diverse pathway and there was lots to see and interact with.

We met Lydia Keith, the organiser of the event and she gave Wessex Scene this statement:

The Salon is a series of studio events hosted by the various pathways within the Fine Art Degree. MA and level one students will also be hosting events as part of this series too. They aim to create an informal environment to showcase the various work being produced within the school and open up a dialogue across the pathways. Each hosting pathway can interpret the event in completely different ways, there is no set format. We hope that over the coming months new creative relationships will be formed between students and the boundaries of practice expanded.

The Salon is expected to become a fairly regular event, moving around the different pathways within Fine Art, going next to Sculpture. These open studio events are really exciting and I can’t wait to explore more work from the other students to come!



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