Best Burgers in Town: The Old Gaolhouse


This new feature in Wessex Scene has been started simply because I like eating burgers. They’re cheap, easy to find and everyone likes them. 

My job is to go around Winchester trying different burgers every week and reviewing them. I don’t get no free burgers for doing this, so if I hate the burger, I’M A SAY IT. If I like them, then they’ll score high on some kind of rating system.

First up, it’s The Old Gaolhouse (JD Wetherspoon’s) Italian Burger.
(Char-grilled chicken breast burger with mozzarella and nut free pesto)  inc. chips + 6 onion rings.

£4.99 w/drink (using a voucher!) normally around £6.00

I’ve been to Wetherspoon’s many-a-times but this was a burger I hadn’t had before, so it was about time I tried it. I prefer chicken to a beef burger any day, and the thought of melted mozzarella on chicken makes my salivate… it’s one of those things, you know?I’m not too keen on pesto though, so I asked them to remove it.

After a quite a long wait on a not-so-busy evening, it finally came! The chips looked good as usual, the relish pot came disintegrated,  so half of the relish was missing and the onion rings were more golden than ever before. Then I noticed that chicken. DAMN! It looked good. It would have looked better if the melted mozzarella that I had in mind actually came. Instead, the gave me a slice of cold mozzarella. Come on son, I didn’t order a salad! Oh, the burger came with pesto too.

I was too hungry to send it back so I tucked in and that burger bun was so soft. The chicken was super tender and juicy too. The mozzarella was pretty awful and I still don’t like pesto on my burgers. The relish was decent, not the best I’ve ever had. The chips they serve are thick and crispy, so a solid 4/5.

All in all, you get what you pay for. It’s a good place to go and hang out with friends and have a cheap meal any day of the week. If you have vouchers, it’s even cheaper!

Overall Rating: 
6 / 10

Decent for going with friends but don’t take your lady friend there for one of these burgers. Just saying.


The Old Gaolhouse
11A Jewry Street  Town Centre, Winchester SO23 8RZ
01962 850 095


Loch Fyne’s Angus Beef Burger.


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    Why Winchester? Is there some expectation that it’s a good place for a burger? Personally I’d find this more useful if you did this in Southampton (and probably “most” of the student body would too)

    Sam Everard

    Because it’s the Winchester section. Maybe you were in such a rush to comment that you didn’t get as far as what section you were reading from. Maybe you’re just an idiot. Only time will tell.


    Oh yes I see that now, what a brilliant well thought through piece of web design you have here…

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