Southampton Students Launch a Company To Make Law Accessible


Described as a ‘platform to make laws understandable and accessible to everyone,’ LawQuick is the brainchild of three Computer Science students here at Southampton and launches today.

LawQuick launches today.

Chris Watts, Izidor Flajsman and Sam Lavers have designed a website which connects the best law students from our University with anyone who has legal questions. But what makes this website unique is the fact that the customers can specify how much they are willing to pay for the service. Answers can be even be given for free but a small donation is likely to get you a better answer.

Furthermore, should you get into a tricky legal situation away from home, this site can be accessed on phones, tablets and desktop computers, no sign-up required, just log in with Facebook or Google. The whole process is very quick.

The creators of the website are keen to address the fact that legislation can be an unsightly mess of cases, statutes, and treaties that nobody understands. So have created their website ‘to descramble the process’ which would normally be the job of lawyers and solicitors whose work demands expensive rates. In terms of law students here at Southampton it can be really hard to find firms willing to accept them for work experience. LawQuick is a platform which attempts to bridge this gap benefitting both customers and students alike.

It is not surprising then that since its creation on the 9th of November, LawQuick has received a lot of interest from both students and potential customers.

The University’s law society and local businesses have supported the creators in their bid to get the site running after over 100 people signed up to the invitation list in just 24 hours.

The website has gone live today so everyone is welcome to visit and ask questions on anything legal that needs clarifying. On Wednesday the Experts (law students) will answer all questions posted online.

The Experts interpret laws according to their knowledge and so it is advised not to take their word as direct advice.

Check out LawQuick and what they do here.




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