RAW Artwork: A New Gallery in Winchester


Raw Artwork is a pop-up gallery based in Winchester where art students, local artists and amateur artists have the chance to show off their talent.

The gallery was set up specifically so that talented artists who might not have the time, confidence or means to show their work now have a chance to be seen and even sell their work. The gallery is housed over 3 floors, exhibiting all kinds of work from paintings, sculpture, textile and craft. The company offers advice on presentation, space and pricing for all who want their work to be featured in the gallery. All of these skills are useful to any aspiring artist, even when the gallery is not there. It gives artists a chance to build their confidence, no matter who they are or what they are making.

There is so much talent that is never found and this gallery allows people to see a continually changing art, so there is something for everyone. Knowing that all of these artists are just students or amateurs is amazing because the quality of work is indescribable. It’s sometimes hard to believe that they have not been discovered yet! This is why it is such an amazing exhibition, and well worth seeing.

I visited the gallery myself and to be honest, the standard of work was unbelievable. The variation of all the different types of work was overwhelming. The gallery is just bursting with colour and just delivers a really positive vibe.


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