Fight Breaks out in Hartley Library


hartley-libraryA fight broke out in the Hartley Library today requiring the attention of local police and the families of those involved to be called out.

Blood, tears and pandemonium surrounded students eager to study for next weeks exams, excited at the prospect of a distraction other than Facebook to tear them away from their revision duties.

The group, described by one onlooker as ‘asian’, were pounced upon by the university security team, who managed to calm the situation before police arrived.

One member of the group has received treatment for a facial injury. Although the cause of the incident is still unknown, it does illuminate the stresses and strains felt by students at this pressing time.

One student witness displayed their excitement on Facebook:

THERE’S JUST BEEN A FIGHT IN THE LIBRARY! A REAL FIGHT! I’ve never seen a group of people gather so quickly to watch something! A group all kicked off and then they must have called their families as loads of them turned up outside. There are more police are here now! It was so exciting.

We are currently waiting on updates from the library staff and will be updating the article as information is received.  If you have seen or heard anything, please let us know by contacting or finding us on Facebook.




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