Three Arrested Following Fight in Hartley Library


On Saturday 6th January, a fight broke out in Hartley Library and Police were called. This is the information which we now have pertaining to the incident.

Three men were arrested, one 17 year-old on suspicion of actual bodily harm, who was released, and two 18 year-olds on suspicion of assault, who were released with police cautions.

Hartley Library

Police were called just before 3pm to assist security staff after a fight broke out in the foyer of Harley Library on Saturday.

A university spokesperson told the Wessex Scene:

Security staff were asked to attend an incident in the Hartley Library and, after talking to witnesses, two males were spoken to by security staff until the police arrived. 

Before the police arrived however, more people arrived at the library and security staff worked to keep both groups apart.

The university confirmed:

At one point all available Security Staff were involved in controlling this incident both within the library and outside to prevent further escalation.

Nobody was seriously hurt during the fight, and the university have confirmed that no students or members of staff from the university were involved.

Read the initial coverage of the incident by the Wessex Scene Here.


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