Man Hit by Car on Lodge Road


A man has been hit by a car on Lodge Road.

The 25-year-old was hit at around 4.30pm today, on Thursday, January 10.The emergency services were quick to respond, and closed the road.

Police have stated that the man appears to have sustained minor injuries, and one ambulance still on the scene.

Lodge Road is situated near Bevois Valley and The Avenue, an area which is home to many students.

This closure has caused nearby roads including Thomas Lewis Way to become highly congested, with traffic trouble expected to increase due to rush hour.

Update at 6.30pm

The emergency services have now left the scene and the road has been re-opened to the public.

The collision  involved a Hyundai and a motorbike, and it is the rider who is thought to be the injured man. His injuries do not appear to be serious.

If you have any more information of this incident then get in touch:

Twitter: @wessexscene





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