Snow Update: Morning Exams are On


The University have confirmed morning exams and University will remain open and exams are still on schedule.

An update regarding afternoon exams will be published at 12, though students are advised to expect exams and University to remain on open and on schedule.

A statement on SUSSED, published this morning at 6.55am, reads:

The University will continue to remain open and exams are still on schedule. Please travel safely and make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing.

Students: we expect all students to make a reasonable judgement about their personal safety and to have explored all safe travel options. We recognise that some students who lice in remote areas may find travelling either unsafe or routes impassable. If you are unable to attend our exam for this reason you will not be adversely affected. You must endevour to contact your student/faculty office at the earliest opportunity (via phone or email), this will enable you to apply for special considerations.

Snow is falling heavily on Southampton at the time of writing and the snow is expected continue to fall heavily into this evening.

In a sabbs blog, VP Communications David Gilani listed the contact details of faculties, should you struggle to attend your exam. Just click here to see the blog and the links to contact details.

An article will be published on here after the 12 o’clock Snow update.


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