Fire at Romero Halls


The Wessex Scene have been informed by Current News that a fire has broken out at Romero Halls.

Two fire engines are currently at the scene. Students have been moved to Gateley Common Room. It was reported that one student had a seizure and an ambulance arrived.

At oo:50 the students were told that they had to stay for another hour or two and the Police arrived.

Romero Halls resident Lucy Dyer says ‘we’ve been told to make ourselves comfortable.’

Fire alarms went off around 22:50, the fire started in Flat 6 on the ground floor in which one room has been damaged and the electricity turned off for the flat. The residents have been evacuated and told that they will “need new rooms.”

Window at source of fire- photo courtesy of Lucy Dyer
Window at source of fire- photo courtesy of Lucy Dyer

At 01.10 it has been reported that the Police will question the residents of two flats at a time.

At 01:25 students have been told that they can re-enter their halls but only a few at a time. Interconnecting doors have been unlocked but many residents have to use different exits. Lucy who lives in Flat 14 told us that her ‘hallway smells of burning.’

The cause of the fire is yet unknown but the Police are investigating.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 23.08.17
Image courtesy of Joanna Sheldon

The Wessex Scene will update this article as and when information becomes available, if you live at Romero Halls then tweet us @WessexScene or email if you have any information.

Thanks to everyone who has kept us updated especially Current News and Lucy Dyer.





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