Rescheduled Exams Change Again


Much to many students’ despair, exams dates have been altered once again, leaving students baffled. Upon the university and its facilities being closed on Friday, January 18, the notice informed students that all rescheduled exams were likely to take place on Saturday 26, this however is not the case.

Exams have now officially been changed once again and will commence this Thursday 24 and Friday 25. Students are advised to check SUSSED in order to prepare for their impending exams. This happens amidst an outcry of students frustrated with the lack of support, communication and preparation of the university and the exam board.

One student comments:

This is ridiculous! It has been changed again! The university should understand that students prepare themselves for a certain date, if the date is to change, then change it to a later date rather that an earlier date – otherwise it’s just unfair.

On the other hand some students are happy that the exams have been rescheduled for Thursday and Friday and not Saturday.

“Although I am concerned about the lack of communication which was frustrating over the weekend with another exam to prepare for I am happy with the arrangement. I had booked a trip away for the end of the week and now my exam has been rescheduled for Thursday instead of Saturday I can still go. Also it’s close enough to the exam that all the revision I did in the weeks leading up to my exam is still fresh in my mind.”

Ellie Sellwood
Wessex Scene Editor


The University had this to say: ‘We are sorry for any inconvenience caused through the rescheduling. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled exam and require special considerations to be taken into account, contact the student/faculty office at the earliest opportunity.’

There have also been numerous complaints about noise and seating allocations during the exam proceedings, which has been communicated to SUSU, which will most likely warrant a stern mass email from the university.

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