The Fashion Event: Knitwear and Fashion Show Review


Written by Amelia McColl and Sammy Ward

On Friday 1st February 2013, a collection of second and third year students held a fashion show in the WSA Union, and despite the freezing cold weather it was said to be the busiest show on record!

The show was organised by third year knitwear designers Dominique Quinn, Alex Pengelly, Katie Agar, Lucy Jones, Cat Mclaughlin, Mikey Szczupak, Nat Crossan and third year fashion designers RT Limbu, Jessica Wakeman and Faye Galloway.

The organiser’s aim was to raise money for the third year final catwalk show. The event consisted of previous work from knit, weave, print and fashion students. Most garments featured were from second year menswear project or third year pre-collection.

Not only did the show give students a chance to display their work; it also allowed them to experience organising an event under pressure, as they were only given four days to prepare. On top of this they had “a shoestring budget” as they were relying on their own funds. They used this to their advantage and chose a London construction theme, using duct tape to mark out the runway. This lack of time and money wasn’t reflected in the quality or the professionalism displayed in the catwalk. WSA also benefited from the show as it received publicity from two local newspapers, the Hampshire Chronicle and the Daily Echo.

Photography by Lizett Villalon

The organisers were concerned about how many people would attend, as in previous years the show wasn’t very successful. However 2013 saw the fashionistas brave the cold to attend this somewhat under promoted event.  When asked about the success of the show Dominique said,  “We worried about how we would fit everyone in the union, rather than no one turning up.” Second year students volunteered to help by being models which contributed to the smooth running of the entire catwalk.

Selected industry personnel attended which boosted the profile of the event. Students attending were excited by the prospect of interacting with these VIPs. Programme leader of Fashion and Textile Design, Cecilia Langemar, said “the show was outstanding” and she was “impressed by the volume of people that filled the union.”

The success of the fashion show was measured by the £288.26 raised. This money will be greatly appreciated by the third year students, as it will go towards enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.

As front row viewers we felt the electric atmosphere in the union, which was enhanced by the upbeat music. The various garments shown on the runway and the fluidity of the show impressed us. We felt being at the show gave us an insight into our future in the fashion industry and we look forward to the final show on May 23rd.

Photography by Lizett Villalon


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