SUSU’s Grad Ball Logo ‘Borrowed’ by Another Students’ Union


SUSU’s design team were shocked to find their recently launched Grad Ball logo on the Facebook page of another students’ Union this week.

The logo had been designed to coincide with an announcement about the date and venue of this year’s Ball. This logo then found its way onto a Facebook page belonging to another students’ union shortly after it was published on SUSU’s page and website.

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The Graduation Ball last year proved to be a huge success so SUSU was keen to remind students of this and give the event a strong visual identity. This year’s bespoke design plays on the classical Art Deco theme and features hidden SUSU bubbles.

The offending students’ union have now removed the logo after the signature SUSU speech bubbles were pointed out and they were politely asked to take it down. They will now look for a new image for their event.

Union President Sam Ling said:

‘We’ve had issues with external promoters taking our event artwork before, but we’re taking this in good humour and as a sign that our design team have done another excellent job in producing artwork that’s good enough to be noticed outside of SUSU.’

Tickets for this year’s Graduation Ball are now on sale exclusively to graduates from the Box Office in person or from here. Tickets are £49 but there is also an option to split the payment and pay it across this term and next.


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