VP Engagement Candidate – Adam Moloney


afm3g10Name: Adam Moloney

Age: 21

Degree Subject: Philosophy & Politics

Positions Held:

  • RAG Officer (2011/12) (Awarded two highly commended EVAs for Innovation and Commitment in this role).
  • RAG Social Team Leader 12/13
  • Assassins Guild Collaboration Officer 12/13
  • Kayak Polo 12/13
  • Extreme Sports Society 12/13
  • Enactus Member – WiseMinds Project 12/13
  • Constitution Committee 11/12
  • Union Councillor 11/12
  • Goju Ryu Karate Treasurer 11/12
  • Goju Ryu Karate Equipment Officer 11/12
  • VP Engagement Candidate 10/11

Strength: Infinite energy and enthusiasm

Campaign Slogan: Only Moloney


Why did you decide to run for this position? 

I actually ran for VP Student Engagement in first year without much knowledge of what it was. I just threw myself at an opportunity and since I lost that election then I’ve been thinking about running in my third year. Having being RAG Officer in second year and part of the Enactus Wiseminds project this year, I gained experience in the relevant areas of Engagement, which drove me to choose this role. As RAG Officer, the total Southampton Students raised increased from £50,000 to £65,000. Having been part of making such a difference I just wanted an opportunity to help students get the most out of university; running for Engagement is that opportunity.

What has been your best experience during your involvement with SUSU? 

Definitely running RAG last year! Although it was a lot of pressure and responsibility, the skills I developed helped me grow as a person and kindled my interest in helping others. There were some ups and downs, but working with the committee throughout the year gave me the knowledge I needed to restructure RAG into its new form.

What makes YOU the best candidate for the job?

I would say I have the most experience in the areas that this position covers. This experience ensures my perspective of RAG and Enterprise will always have the interests of individual students in mind. Having experience in both of these key areas can be a great asset when it comes to running the Engagement side of the Union. This is mainly because having hands-on experience allows you can understand how changes can affect individual members; no matter how small. I’m also an extremely passionate person who will work extremely hard to improve the student experience and increase opportunities for employability for all students.

What would you say to the claim that VP Engagement is the least important Sabb Position?

I would say the person that made such a claim doesn’t have an understanding of the huge size and magnitude of the areas which engagement covers. RAG encompasses all of the Southampton Students that raise money for charity. That includes all of the charity societies such as Link and Marrow, as well as the RAG committee itself. Enterprise is a huge group of societies, with Enactus alone having tons of projects that students can get involved with. Furthermore, this position also has to organise freshers’ week and how we communicate with the student body in general. Considering this position covers such a wide range of student groups and activities, I think it would be a mistake to say it is the least important role.

Do you think Shane has done a good job in the position?

Shane’s current position is actually very different from the VP Engagement role, since it deals with 7 different student group areas. Shane was very supportive when I was in my student leader role as RAG officer, and has continued to make valuable contributions to RAG and Union Films alike. Considering the width of this role, it seems that Enterprise and Community Volunteering has taken a back seat this year with regard to Union support. However, I would say that the nature of the role has now changed, so there will be more emphasis on Enterprise and Community Volunteering.

How do you plan to improve the profile of the less well-known parts of your role; Student Enterprise & Community Volunteering?

For me these parts are ‘less well-know’ because the Union hasn’t focused on publicising them directly to students. In order to combat this, I want to introduce a marketing strategy for Enterprise which focuses on year-round marketing. I will focus on particular groups and/or projects by introducing a ‘Project of the Month’ campaign to highlight Enterprise projects that students can get involved with to increase certain skills and gain work experience.

In order to improve the profile of Community Volunteering, I want the Community Volunteering webpage to be more interactive by adding a function on the website that allows students to input in their volunteer interests and be presented with a list of relevant volunteer positions that match their interests and goals. I also want to introduce a New Marketing Strategy, since there are many volunteer opportunities available to students that many simply don’t know about. This strategy will focus on matching what students want to achieve after university to current volunteering opportunities.

The Bunfight and Fresher’s week as a whole is one of the most important times at university for students, often defining what societies and sports students are involved in during their time here; how would you make it a) is inclusive to everyone and b) isn’t too much to take in all at one time?

In order to ensure the Bunfight is inclusive, I want to develop the Virtual Bunfight which was a great success last year and should accompany the main event in order to give those unable to attend the same opportunities to get information about every aspect of the Union. I also want to introduce Niche Bunfights to ensure Freshers’ week isn’t too much to take in. By having more catered bunfights throughout the year, we allow students with specific interests to get more information. Such ‘mini-bunfights’ would include Performing Arts, Charity Groups, Enterprise, Media and working with the VP Sports Development for sporting groups.

View Adam’s manifesto HERE


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    Adam Moloney has wealth in drive, experience and enthusiasm to take this engagement role to the next level. Two awards in the EVA’s including one for innovation and the complete restructuring of Rag to the success that it is today simply show Moloney is the perfect!

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