VP Sports Development Candidate – Evan Whyte


Name: Evan ‘The Karate Kid’ Whyteelections evan

Age: 19

Degree Subject: Law

Positions held:

  • Connaught Sports Officer
  • Southampton Ladies football coach
  • UK (Karate) Kyokushinkai Team and Individual member.


Strength: My main strength is my experience in different sporting environments. This means that I know how elite sport like the AU should be run. Plus, playing other sports at a less competitive level also means I can fix the issues at Intra-Mural level.

Campaign Slogan: Make the ‘WHYTE’ choice


Why did you decide to run for this position?

I decided to run because I was fed up with my experiences within intra-mural leagues and by the lack of support for the AU clubs. I felt that rather than complaining about the issues, why not try and take on the role myself. I also felt that by running as a second year I would work harder in the role because the changes made would affect myself and my friends. The knowledge that I would do everything possible to make the needed changes made me feel as though I was perfect for the role.

What has been your best experience during your involvement with SUSU?

My best experiences have been the freshers week as a JCR and my subsequent time in the role. I feel a huge amount of pride in building a community of sports people at Connaught that is around the 90 people mark (quite an achievement in a small halls). And that all people, even those not involved in the sports teams, have engaged with us by coming on socials or watching matches.

What makes YOU the best candidate for the job?

My manifesto. I worked tirelessly for a couple of days to find out the issues and decide HOW I would fix them. It meant looking through the figures of the AU and the Union to build plans that are achievable.

If you could make only one change to sports at the university, what would that change be?

That sport was actually recognized and more respected by everyone.

How do you plan on improving intra-mural sports?

My plan for intra-mural sports is based on solving the five main issues: cancellations, cost, communication, referees and participation.

How will you improve the AU?

The AU is something which currently lacks a direction. I’d look to push for teams to obtain results. To do so we will need to use all of the budget we are given to ensure that we do not underspend when teams are not able to train, go to tournaments and do not have coaches. We also need to address: Travel, Training quality/hours, Communication and how we fund teams (these are explained in my manifesto).

You can read Evan’s manifesto HERE


I study history. I like sport.

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