VP Sports Development Candidate – Kate Williams


Name: Kate Williamselections Kate

Age: 22

Degree Subject: Sports Studies

Positions held:

  • Course Rep
  • Academic President of Education
  • Freshers Rep
  • Vice Captain of Glen Intra-Mural Netball
  • Club Captain of Ladies Hockey


My communication skills and leadership which I have developed through all the voluntary work that I have been involved with in sport. I have the transferable skills from my experience to achieve what I have stated in my manifesto.

Campaign Slogan: Where there’s a Wills, theirs a way…A Better Way!!!


Why did you decide to run for this position?

I am passionate about sport and developing sport at a competitive and participative level. This year I have been constantly frustrated by the lack of communication between myself and the AU. Our sponsor dropped out on us this year so we have had to manage our budget carefully. There was no support mechanism for club captains such as myself and had to liaise with the treasurer in order to see if we could even attend fixtures, we have only had to forfeit one, through careful budgeting.

What has been your best experience during your involvement with SUSU?

My best experience was when I was invited to a course rep dinner at the Bridge last year. I was awarded a Course Rep of the Year award for preventing one of my lecturers being made redundant. I was happy that I made a difference to students and the lecturer’s lives.

What makes YOU the best candidate for the job?

I have the experience of running a club and the 16 strong committee. I understand the issues that individual clubs have had and I know how to resolve these having discussed with them. My ideas are key to what the students want and they are realistic for me to achieve.

If you could make only one change to sports at the university, what would that change be?

To create an easily accessible website incorporating the AU, IM and Recreational sport. Nowadays people access information via technology such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops etc and it is key that information such as sports trials, IM fixtures and Jubilee fitness time tables are widely accessible.

How do you plan on improving intra-mural sports?

I plan develop a better relationship between SUSU and the IM organisers to enable better communication. I will reduce the joining costs to societies to get more people involved and increase the number of sports and teams available. More lobbying of the University to sort out drainage at Wide Lane will reduce the number of games cancelled due to better pitch quality.

How will you improve the AU?

My main manifesto point is to develop a professional profile for the AU and this is focused around creating a website. This will directly improve communication between students, AU clubs and the VP Sports Development. This will in turn generate sponsorship opportunities and this money can be re-invested into the students via Intra-Mural and the AU.

You can read Kate’s manifesto HERE.


I study history. I like sport.

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