VP Sports Development Candidate – Samuel Crabb


Name: Sam Crabb elections sam

Age: 21

Degree subject: MSc Aerodynamics and Computation after doing a BSc Maths with Comp Sci

Positions Held:

  • Table Tennis Club Social Secretary – May 2010 – May 2011
  • Table Tennis Club Vice President – May 2011 – May 2012
  • Table Tennis Club President – May 2012 – Present
  • Glen Eyre JCR Technical Officer – January 2010 – January 2011
  • Electronics and Computer Science (ECSS) Sports Representative – May 2011 – May 2012
  • Mathematics Society (SUMS) Media and Marketing Officer – May 2011 – May 2012
  • Mathematics Course Representative – October 2011 – July 2012
  • Postgraduate Taught Officer, Sitting on Union Council, Athletic Union Council and University Court – September 2012 – Present


Probably Organization – I know how to organize taks well and get them done on time, I’ve always taking a leading role in any of the committees I’ve been on and pushed them forward.

Campaign Slogan: Crabb 4 Sabb


Why did you decide to run for this position?

I’ve been involved in the AU since my first bunfight and have always participated in sport at intramural and AU level. In this time I have seen many problems appear and a lot have not been addressed and need to be. Since sitting on AU Committee this year, I felt that I have the experience and drive to actually bring these changes into affect. Also currently we are not doing a lot of basics things right which can be corrected swiftly.

What has been your best experience during your involvement with SUSU?

JCR was probably the most fun but I’d have to say Table Tennis Committee, I was the first ever social sec of the club and in 3 years on the committee have tripled the amount of sessions we have, bringing the club forward on both the social and sporting sides, achieving Club Colours for my contributions towards the club. It been very enjoable being part of a club progressing in such a way.

What makes YOU the best candidate for the job?

I have the experience in the AU (as a social sec, Vice President and President) and Intramural (as a Sport Sec and player) to know the problems and how they can be eradicated. Currently we are doing many simple things wrong in the AU and SUSU in general which need to be sorted quickly and effectively and I believe I can do this. In every position I have held in SUSU I have gone much further than the job entailed and I promise to continue that if voted VP Sports.

If you could make only one change to sports at the university, what would that change be?

Communication – There needs to be a lot more between the VP Sports, the AU and the intramural system. It needs to be earlier, clubs need to be consulted on things that affect them. There needs to be more communication between the AU and Sport and Wellbeing so the voices of students are actually being listened to. I’d use the SUSU Blogs and Social Media to initially greatly improve this.

How do you plan on improving intra-mural sports?

In many ways, firstly working with Sport and Wellbeing so the sports and opportunities are there for those that want it and not just what Sport and Wellbeing think is appropriate. Delay the start of certain sports that struggle to fill their allocation of team places, thus allowing AU clubs to help fill up these spaces and providing a fuller program for more students. Also I will campaign to Sport and Wellbeing for vast improvements to the conditions at Wide Lane – the drainage is awful and we shouldn’t have to pay for pitches that are unfit to play on. Finally a teared SportRec system as £135 is far too much for a couple of games of intramural and this costs basically prevents people from participating in intramural.

How will you improve the AU?

The budget for the AU is due an increase it has been the same for too long, we need to use every possible avenue to increase it, be in through the block grant, the projects fund or external sponsorship. We also need to promote our clubs more throughout the year especially using the Wessex Scene, currently we do not hear about our clubs that much throughout the year which is a great shame. I also want to make everything more simple – more training for committee members, and more work done centrally by the AU and not relying on presidents knowing information they’ve never been told.

You can read Sam’s manifesto HERE


I study history. I like sport.

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