VP Welfare Candidate Josh Cox


Name: Josh Cox

josh cox

Age: 20

Degree:  Biomedicine

Positions Held:

Biomedical Sciences Course Rep 2011-12

Union Councillor 2011-12

Campaigns Officer – JCR 2011-12

Ethical and Environmental Officer 2012-13

Student Trustee 2012-13

Marrow Committee Member 2012-13

National Marrow Social Media Rep 2012-13

Student Ambassador 2011-13

Public Relations Ambassador (Sainsbury’s) 2013

Campaign Slogan: Cox Cares

Strength: Determination


Why did you decide to run for this position?

I have always had a passion for welfare, and it seemed like the natural progression from E&E Officer. It is my time to truly improve SUSU to ensure the welfare of our students is the top priority for a student’s union.

What has been your best experience whilst you’ve been involved with SUSU?

During the first few months as E&E Officer when I managed to create the new sustainability strategy

What makes you the best candidate for the job?

I am the most experienced candidate running and have developed a fantastic understanding of the Union in this time and because my policy ideas are achievable

Why does the Union need a VP Welfare?

University is a time when students go through a number of personal changes, which can lead to many mental health problems and other issues. The Union need to be there as a support network for our students and without a VP Welfare this network would not be as strong.

What’s your welfare Related Horror Story?

Housing! When we went in to a certain letting agents to sign the contracts we found out about a ton of hidden costs that they had not mentioned. We went in thinking we were paying £400 and they wanted us to pay £650. It is safe to say we said NO!

What have I enjoyed most about elections?

Meeting all the candidates, and realising that there are so many people that are passionate about our union.

 You can read Josh’s manifesto HERE


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