VP Welfare Candidate Josie Torrice


josie torrice

Name: Josie Torrice

Age: 21

Degree Subject: 3rd year History and Politics student

Positions Held:

Union Councillor 2012-2013

Welfare Committee Officer 2012-2013

Labour Club Committee member 2010-2011

Labour Club President 2011-2012

Campaign Slogan: Time for Torrice

Strength: Dedication

Why did you decide to run for this position?

The support I’ve received from SUSU throughout my degree has been amazing but it can improve. Students shouldn’t need to hit rock bottom for our Union to step in, we need to create a culture of support throughout university life to stop anyone ever reaching that level.

What has been your best experience whilst you’ve been involved with SUSU?

No answer provided

What makes you the best candidate for the job?
Welfare is everything to me and I will give everything I can to the job to make sure no student ever has to feel unsupported.

Why does the University need a Welfare VP?

Student welfare is critically important. It is up to your VP Welfare to reach out and give all students the support, advice, guidance and help that you need to make sure you have as great a time at Uni as possible!
What is your welfare related horror story? (e.g. horrific housing etc)

I have so many and they make up all aspects of my manifesto: Housing, Health, Happiness and Habitat! I lived in a damp, hovel in Portswood, without a proper working shower for an entire year!

What have you enjoyed most so far about the elections?
Definitely meeting so many amazing people. I started researching my manifesto almost a year ago, going out and asking students what they wanted from SUSU.

Read Josie’s Manifesto HERE


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    she’s the only 3rd year running?!
    How come all these first and second years are suddenly running for sab? As if being at uni for a year and a half gives you enough experience, Sam Ling has been here for ever practically and he’s been a great president.

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