Presidential Candidate – David Gilani



Name: David Gilani.

Age: 22.

Degree: Philosophy and Maths (now graduated).

Position/s held:

  • VP of SUSU (Communications) – 2012/13.
  • Trustee of the Union – 2012/13.
  • Union Councillor – 2011/13.
  • Surge Programme Controller – 2010/11.
  • Surge Station Manager – 2011/12.
  • Representative on Media Committee – 2011/12.
  • Representative on Constitution Committee – 2011/12.
  • Representative on Societies Committee – 2011/12.
  • Course Rep – 2011/12.
  • Representative on University Senate – 2011/12.

Campaign Slogan:

Join the Gilani Army.


My passion for SUSU. I dedicated my life as a student to SUSU because I enjoy being involved with it so much. This means that I’m always willing to go the extra mile.


Why did you decide to run for this position?

Through my current role, in charge of democracy, I’ve had some amazing opportunities to encourage students to run for positions and vote, however, I want to spread this success to ALL of SUSU, which is what I believe I can do as President.

What has been your best experience during your involvement with SUSU?

Has to be presenting Elections Night Live on SUSUtv back in 2011.

What makes you the best candidate for the job?

My manifesto doesn’t just say “what” I want to do. It starts off by saying “why” and is achievable because it tells you “how”. That’s what my vision for SUSU and experience gives me over other candidates.

How will you go about enriching student support with housing awareness?

I think an important next step is Winchester housing, who have a completely different situation to Southampton students and need appropriate support. Houses there DO run out earlier! Also, a great idea from a student today was to facilitate ways of students finding housemates, which we already do for Private Rented students, so is easily achievable.

What are you going to do to improve the SUSU Nightlife?

One of my main manifesto points is about empowerment. So many students ran for a position on Union Council this year because we empowered them to realise that they can make a change. If elected President, my main aim is to spread this empowerment across the whole of SUSU – encouraging students to make the change ultimately makes them more like to want to use the Union.

How will you manage the VPs effectively, considering their differing priorities?

I expect each VP to come to the Sabb Office with their priorities and representing their area … sometimes we will have to make tough choices. If the AU want Wide Lane drainage sorted and the Media Departments want a joint space, we might only be able to afford one … however, I see it as my role to think bigger. This might mean lobbying the University to realise that there is benefit to them in investing in both, which means we can achieve both things.

View David’s manifesto here.


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