Presidential Candidate – James ‘Jim’ Dykes


James Dykes

Name: James ‘Jim’ Dykes

Age: 23

Degree subject: Civil Engineering

Positions held: None

Campaign Slogan: Vote Jim for Pres, Jim’ll Fix It!

Strength: He’s a Top Bloke.


1. Why did you decide to run for this position? 

I was put up to it by several friends and thought why not.

2. What has been your best experience during your involvement with SUSU? 

None. I have never been involved with SUSU.

3. What makes YOU the best candidate for the job? 

My manifesto has achievable points, I’m not running to try and gain a foothold into a future political position. Anyone who runs for a Sabb position for improvement of their CV is ridiculous, real jobs give far better experience.

4. How will you go about enriching student support with housing awareness? (Considering landlord issues, fresher inexperience etc.)

Provide students with a team which they can talk to in order to understand their rights, it is important that people know what their landlord can and can’t do. A small leaflet or booklet should be created which will provide students with key information about what to look for when choosing a house and how to go about the big decisions when moving from 1st to 2nd year.

5. What are you going to do to The Cube? 

I want to review the Cube’s financial ability to bring in money, if it is making money then keep it in the same capacity. However, if it is losing money, reduce the number of nights per year, not fully close down. Ludicrous to run it at a loss. We need to stop flogging this long dead horse.

6. How will you manage VPs effectively, considering their differing priorities? 

The VPs are accountable to the voters within SUSU and as a result management to fulfill should be down to themselves. Managing in terms of connecting with the Union is dependent on who is in the team and what the aims are.

You can read James’ manifesto HERE


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