Presidential Candidate – Sophie Bradfield


Name: Sophie BradfieldSophie Bradfield

Age: 21

Degree subject: Philosophy & Politics

Positions held:

  • Course Rep
  • Welfare Officer
  • Union Councillor x2
  • Member of the University Court x2
  • Social Action Officer (Southampton Hub)
  • Outreach Officer (Southampton Hub)
  • President of Southampton Hub

Campaign Slogan: Vote for Sophie B for the changes YOU want to see!

Strength: Experience outside of SUSU, Charity work, a drive for Politics before University and a passion for SUSU.


1. Why did you decide to run for this position?

I’ve always been committed to making a difference in areas that I care about long before university and SUSU is one of them. I want to see change in SUSU and I believe I am the right candidate to do this, given my drive, ambition and experience.

2. What has been your best experience during your involvement with SUSU?

Being President of Southampton Hub, which is such an amazing society that engages with hundreds of students on social, ethical and environmental issues that they care about.

3. What makes YOU the best candidate for the job?

I’m a new face, with new ideas and lots of experience. I want to empower students into reaching their potential and helping them into employability.

4. How will you go about enriching student support with housing awareness? 

I want to make the Housing Fair a major event on campus. Students would have the opportunity to meet with potential landlords as well as having access to various workshops which explain the dos and don’ts of finding a house. I would make this event something which happened in each campus as well as smaller tailored versions in halls, too. This appears as a major point on my manifesto.

5. What are you going to do with The Cube?

I think it’s important to get the students involved by asking them what they want from The Cube with a survey as well as getting students involved personally in developing events. In no way would I want to get rid of The Cube! If anything, we should aim to make The Cube an active space which could be used in the day time as well as we need an event space for student groups to use, which may call for some cosmetic refurbishment.

6. How will you manage VPs effectively, considering their differing priorities?

I’d be a leader who would aim to motivate her team by empowering and supporting them in the areas of their work as well as being available to pitch ideas to, to help develop ideas into great projects. I would encourage a sense of teamwork and get the VP’s together for regular debriefing sessions to find out what we’ve all been getting up to and to celebrate what we have achieved, as and when we fulfill changes we want to make. All in all, I want to be a role model who is really approachable!

You can read Sophie’s manifesto HERE


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