Sexual Assault on Welbeck Avenue


An 18-year-old woman has been sexually assaulted on Welbeck Avenue after getting lost on her way home.

welbeckThe incident occurred at 3.30am on Tuesday, February 26 near University Road while the woman was trying to work out where she was after getting lost after a night out. She managed to escape and run away and was shaken but unhurt by the incident.

Police are appealing for any witnesses who may have seen the girl that evening.  She was wearing a white top, a dress and tights. It has not yet been confirmed if the victim is a student or not.

The attacker is described as white, aged around 24 with short hair and a ‘big forehead’. He was also wearing dark clothing.

CCTV footage of a potentially important witness of the incident has been released.
CCTV footage of a potentially important witness of the incident has been released.

Police are also looking for  a man who may be an important witness after walking through the area that evening. CCTV footage of  this potential witness has been released in the hope that he will come forward and help them with the case. The witness was wearing a long dark trench coat and was walking from the direction of Welbeck Avenue around the time that the incident occurred.

This incident highlights the risk of walking home alone – students are urged to use a taxi or to walk home in a group after a night out in order to stay safe.

Radio Taxis run a scheme with SUSU whereby if students have no money after a night out, drivers can be given the student ID and the union will pay the fee. Students can then pick up their card and pay the fee the next day at SUSU. SUSU also provide Safety Buses for students.

If anybody has any information on the incident, they are urged to contact the Western Area CID team on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

The Wessex Scene will update as more information comes through.



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