Elections 2013: How Successful Was The New System?


One of the biggest events on the SUSU calendar, student elections saw 26% of students tick the boxes for the ballots, 10% above the national average. This year brought a bigger focus on engaging students and earning those valuable votes.

The change in standing committee structure was designed to bring change to elections, Sam Ling explains: “The aim was to develop a culture where people voted for what they cared about, and for what would impact on their experience, rather than encouring voting for everyone because you can.”


This aim was achieved through the brand new campaigning structure, with one week online campaigning and the following week, full. Online tools, e-choice and e-positions, presented students with the opportunity to find their ideal candidate based on their own views and values. This new system was rewarded with a total of 6046 students taking the time out to make their voices heard as much as campaigners.
Not only this, but students have voted for more individual roles this year, including the student leader positions. JCR, faculty and councillor positions all felt the fortune of the extended student interest. An average of 8 votes were cast per student and 51,000 overall.


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