Portsmouth Prevail as Varsity 2013 Champions


After an extremely tense and close count, Portsmouth take home the trophy for Varsity 2013 after winning by one match.

The score finalised at 140-136 to Portsmouth. The day reached a nervous peak when Portsmouth took the win in Mens 1st Rugby 22-6 and Southampton matched the overall score by winning the Roller Hockey 19-9. Despite the rain the spirits of fellow athletes and fans were certainly not dampened as the day drew to a close. From painted faces to endless chanting and even streaking on the pitch, fans went to great lengths, some more extreme than others, to show support for their athletes, teams and university.

Photo Taken by Dan Bowes
Photo Taken by Dan Bowes

Tonight Dean Jones, VP Sports Development posted a status in the Official SUSU Athletic Union  to praise Southampton’s performance and to explain the conditions under which the final decision was made. He stated:

The final result announced of Downhill Mountain Biking was originally planned as (and in previous Varsities has been run as), a two stage event specifically for Varsity with the first stage taking place before Christmas and the second due to take place a few weeks ago. The second stage did not end up taking place, and I have been shown correspondence between our team captain and theirs from before today saying they would accept the results of the first round to count for varsity points today.

After much soul searching I took the decision to do what I knew was right and accepted the result, as forcing a draw by arguing on a technicality of it not being on the day’s sheet would have completely undermined and cheapened the amazing effort that you all put in.

And Dean is right we should not cheapen the success of our athletes today as they fought extremely hard against rival Pompey teams and adverse weather conditions. We hope you all have fun at the After Party at Vodka Revs tonight.

A huge congratulations to both teams and their performances. A thank you to Portsmouth SU for hosting such a buzzing event and an even bigger thank you to Southampton for representing the university and performing immensely well!

And a final thank you from us to the Portsmouth Media Departments: UPSUtv, The Galleon and Pure FM who put us up in their Media Centre today.


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