Charity Run Around Campus to Cover Same Distance As the Great Wall of China


A group of Southampton students has come together to organise a charity run on Wednesday 8th May around the university campus, hoping to reach a combined distance of 6259 kilometres – the length of the Great Wall of China.

The run aims to raise at least £1 for each kilometre for the St. Andrews-based charity AICR, the Association of International Cancer Research. Participants can sign up to run any distance that is a multiple of two or five, with the minimum distance being two kilometres. The minimum fundraising amount per runner is the same amount in pounds as the distance you are running: e.g. a five kilometre run would require £5 of fundraising.

One of the organisers, Matthew Grifferty, had this to say:

“Our aim for this race is not simply to cover the distance, 6259km, of the Great Wall of China, it is also to raise thousands of pounds for AICR – the Association of International Cancer Research. The fee to run, £1 per km, is simply the minimum donation we want; people are free to get more sponsors from their friends and family and in doing so we hope the we can raise well over the £6259.00 we have started out aiming for. We briefly looked into some numbers and if 5% of the students in the university signed up to do 5km each then we would easily hit our target. People are free to pick the distance that they want to run and get involved with our, perhaps ambitious, project!

AICR is a great cause. They handpick projects from around the world with advice from some of the best minds around to further cancer research. Their costs are low with only a small base in Scotland to ensure that the largest majority possible of the donation goes to furthering the fight against one of the most complex puzzles we’ve encountered as a species. All we ask for us half an hour of your time to help raise money for a superb charity.”

You can sign up to take part in the run here:

The Facebook event page is here:

And the Just Giving page is here:


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