Blaze Burns Autosub


Southampton has been victim to yet another fire. The latest fire happened at the NOC (National Oceanography Centre) which is a partnership between the NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) and the Earth and Ocean Science Students at the University of Southampton which is the faculty building for geologists, geophysicists, oceanographers and marine biologists.

The fire is reported to have started in one of the many outbuildings which surround the main building. The outbuildings are home to a wide range of technical equipment and workshops. Initial reports suggest the autosub which is contained within one of the main workshops was damaged. The autosub is a multi million pound piece of equipment which is typically deployed in ice ridden areas where the sub can be set on a predetermined route and gather information on variables such as temperature, salinity, chlorophyll and trace metals.

autosub image courtesy of RSS James Cook blog

The fire was reportedly put out at 4.30pm with the site made officially safe at 5.30pm. From the reports of our source the fire seems significant with approximately seven fire engines, two police cars and two ambulances required  to fully extinguish the blaze. Importantly no one is reported to have been injured from the blaze.

Fire in one of the hangers, affected the autosub 7 fire engines including a crane vehicle and a specialised, 2 ambulance, 2 police and a few unmarked firemen. They also asked us to step back half way through so they could check for any damage to compressed gas canisters.

Jack Freeman
3rd Year Geologist

This is bad timing for the NOC which is due to hold the Ocean Business Event next week which runs from Tuesday to Thursday and involves international businesses coming and exhibitng their products and is a major source of commerce within the marine world.

NOC with permissions from the iGEM


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