VP Sports Development Releases Varsity Statement


VP Sports Development Dean Jones has made a statement which suggests that the dispute between Portsmouth and Southampton regarding the result of Varsity 2013 has been unsuccessful.


This afternoon saw Dean Jones post a blog on the SUSU website, outlining the issues that have been faced by Southampton’s sports teams since Portsmouth were declared the winners at Varsity 2013 on Sunday, March 17 – almost a month ago to the day.

Dean has stated that the request to review the final result of Varsity has been unsuccessful so far, with Portsmouth being unable to agree with Southampton.  He has also criticised the lack of a procedure to deal with disputes such as those seen this year.

This inability to come to an agreement comes despite the fact that Dean has presented video evidence of an Athletics event which, though recorded as a Portsmouth win, actually reveals that Southampton won this race.

In his blog, Dean stated that:

‘It is a great shame that we cannot reach agreement, and this has become the story of this year’s Varsity though, as what I take from the day was it being an absolutely amazing festival of sport that saw almost 700 of us travel to Portsmouth united as #teamsoton for the first time, and was the closest and most exciting the event has ever been.

I firmly believe that this year’s Varsity was organised and run far better than in previous years and that Portsmouth have set the bar very high for when Varsity returns to Southampton next year.’

Earlier this month, the Wessex Scene reported on this dispute which came from complaints from the Southampton Athletics and Surf clubs, who contacted Dean Jones shortly after the results of Varsity, were published. 

Upon investigation, it emerged that the Athletics Men’s 200m was incorrectly recorded, and should have been a win for the Southampton team. Surfing was not included in the final result, but should have been, therefore suggesting that Southampton should have won Varsity 2013.

An agreement has not been reached, with Portsmouth and Southampton failing to agree on a future procedure to either decide when or how records are finalised, or even creating a procedure to deal with disputes.

Later in his blog post, Dean displayed his desire for next year’s Varsity competition to be more straightforward, stating:

We will build on the successes that Portsmouth have achieved this year, and learn from these lessons to, ensure we put measures in place to ensure that from next year forward Varsity is even better for everyone concerned.

The Wessex Scene will be reporting on any further updates on Varsity 2013 as they emerge.


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