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Last night St. Mary’s Football Stadium saw the AU Ball 2013, a night of smart suits, colourful dresses and amazing athletes. Everyone was dressed up and looking slick, truly representing how good looking and physically fit Southampton Uni is. Some even went on team trips to the hairdresser, getting their hair styled to give that extra edge.

The Dining Hall, getting ready for award time.
The Dining Hall, getting ready for award time.

Just as the dessert arrived, the awards began. The ceremony kicked off with the Colours awards, won by an incredibly diverse amount of sportsmen and women. I spoke to Tom Phillips, Captain of Mens Tennis shorty after he won Club Colours. “I want to thank my tennis family for getting me and to this point. I had no idea I was nominated, it was really unexpected, but I’m really proud and happy. The tennis team has had an increase in members this year, and I hope we keep growing.”

Part of the Men’s Tennis team, and some photobombers

Other Club Colour winners include: Adam Keeble – Volleyball, Alessandra Rodari – Water polo, Alex Clayton – Road Cycling, Alexander Davies – American Football, Allan Skellett – Rifle, Amy Napper – Riding, Ashley Pereira – Tennis, Ben McMylor – Men’s Lacrosse, Ciaron Milne – American Football, Daniel Barry – Squash, David Creed – Korfball, Emma Binch – Netball, Fahim Adam – Fencing, Harry Herbert – Men’s Football, James Dallimore – Men’s Rugby, Jamie Hitchcock – Men’s Rugby, Jenny Warhurst – Hillwalking, Jess McGowan – Ladies’ Lacrosse, Jo Madeley – Ladies’ Hockey, John Wright – Athletics and Cross Country, Katherine (Kate) Williams – Ladies’ Hockey, Katie Featherstone – Lifesaving, Katie Rose Keen – Volleyball, Katy, O’Sullivan – Ladies’ Football, Lara Beaman – Ladies’ Lacrosse, Lauren Dackombe – Women’s Rugby, Lawrence De Leeuw – Riding, Marina Lunn – Ladies’ Lacrosse, Matthew Posner – Road Cycling, Panagiotis Logothetis – Water Polo, Peter Austin – Water polo, Sam Thompson – Ski and Snowboard, Samuel Stevens – Men’s Cricket, Sarah Lucas – Netball, Saranna Harris – Ladies’ Lacrosse, Sophie Browning – Ladies’ Lacrosse, Sophie, Edwards – Ski and Snowboard, Tessa Hughes – Netball, Will Walker – Men’s Rugby.

Some Basketballers
Members of the Ladies and Mens Basketball teams, with their awards

The Half Colour Winners were: Adam Keeble – Volleyball, Dee Tress – Ladies’ Cricket , Alex Smith – Badminton , Andy Davies – Ski and Snowboard , Elizabeth Mumby – Ladies’ Hockey, Emily Cottam – Canoe Polo, Harry Levick – American Football , Howard Rees – Ultimate Frisbee, Joanna Moyers – Riding, Kerri-Ann Upham – Boat, Kevin Wrigley – Badminton, Laura Whittington – Lifesaving, Rachel Siddle – Badminton.

Ethan Fogarty won Full Colours for men’s cricket and said: “I’m very proud, really happy. I want to thank everyone in the club, for me and the other guy who won Full Colours for Cricket, Ben Hawker. Thank you!”

Other Full Colours winners include: Alex Teuten – Athletics and Cross Country, Ben Hawker – Men’s Cricket, Celie Roos – Ladies’ Lacrosse, David Rowell – Rifle, Elizabeth (Mary) Crossland – Street Sports, Emily Bonnett – Athletics & Cross Country

Alex Teuten won 1st Sports Person of the year. He’s represented England for cross country and made history along with the rest of USACCC this year at the BUCS Championships. As Evan Whyte, the new Sport VP eloquently said: “he’s just so fast!”

Adam Dales with his award
Adam Dales of the Swim Team with his Sport Volunteer of the Year award

Sport Volunteer of the Year was taken by the dashing Adam Dales,  of the Mens Swim Team. He said “I want to say a massive thank you to the swim team. This was so unexpected and I’m really happy!”

The Most Improved Team of the Year was Mixed Lacrosse, a very loud and jovial bunch who all stood up in unison cheering when they won. Members mentioned the hard work of the team this year, and how it’s taken some time to get to the level the team is now. They hope to keep improving and are grateful and really glad to be recognised for their efforts.

Mixed Lacrossed members celebrate the first of their wins
Mixed Lacrossed members celebrate the first of their wins

Liam Kelly of Men’s Basketball was winner of Sportsman of the Year. Once he disentangled himself from his team group hug he said “I feel a bit strangled from that hug, but so happy. This was unexpected and I want to thank all the Basketball teams, girls and boys, you’re all amazing!”

Sportswoman of the Year was Emily Bonnett of Athletics, she said “I feel really good! It’s bit surreal. I’m part of the best team ever, thank you!”

The James Atherton Sport and Wellbeing Award was taken by Mixed Lacrosse, who once again erupted into cheering and hugging, and added another award to their growing collection.

Heather Undrell, Sport and Wellbeing Officer won the Union Engagement Award. “I want to thank Dean [Jones] and Evan [Whyte], they’ve given me loads of support. I’m so happy! ”

Basketball’s Women’s First Team were Team of the Year. The beaming members said they’ve had an amazing season, but still have a play-off next week. The award has given them that extra push and motivation to win that and continue achieving the high results they have been. They’ve been nominated for three years now but to finally win is a massive deal and they’re all really thankful and of course, very happy.

Part of the Ladies Basketball Team with their award
Part of the Ladies Basketball Team with their award

Outstanding Athlete of the Year was Sailing Club’s James O’Mahoney who received his award with tears in his eyes. While this was all very moving, he was actually crying because his team mate threw wine in his face – lovely! His team mates mentioned their admiration of him and he managed an “I’m so so happy!” while tears rolled down his cheeks.

Mohassin Shah took Sports Personality of the Year. Mohassin has represented GB in Estonia for kickboxing.  He was surrounded by well-wishers for me to get near him, but he looked very happy.

The Athletic Union award was taken by familiar face James O’Mahoney, still crying from before, and looking pretty cool with his two awards.

It was a great night, I heard the food was very nice and the dance floor packed out pretty quickly. Soon bow ties and heels off, and Southampton’s super-fit finest partied the night away.

Part of the Athletics club
Part of the Athletics club

Photos by Remi Thiede-Palmer.


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    So glad Street Sports are being recognised, as many of them have taken part in national and international events and done brilliantly. Congratulations Mary Crossland!

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