The University of Southampton a Key Player in Securing Large Physics Funding


It was announced yesterday (18th June 2013) that the University of Southampton is part of a £13 million investment across the South East in the teaching and research of physics.

Southampton, along with eight other leading universities in the south, is linked by a scheme known as the South East Physics network (SEPnet), a collaboration of expertise with an aim to ensure top research and outreach to students. SEPnet also aims to improve the employability of students included within its universities.

SEPnet was originally funded by Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and now together they have announced they plan on investing £13.1million pounds over the next five years. The money provided by HEFCE will go towards training postgraduate physics students, as well as addressing issues such as diversity within the subject. Each separate SEPnet partner, including the University of Southampton, will fund outreach, research and employability schemes.

Southampton will lead the network, showing the strength of its physics department in the roles of teaching, outreach and research.

At a time of economic uncertainty it is reassuring to see the importance and potential of science has not been completely forgotten, and that Southampton is still competing for its place in the world rankings.


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