Varsity Cup 2014 Date Announced


The 2014 Varsity competition against Portsmouth, which will be held in Southampton, is set to take place on the 9th of March.

VP Sports Evan Whyte said of the decision:

“After some of the issues regarding the timing of last year’s Varsity, myself and [AU Officer] Lucy Dowdall decided that we would look for a suitable date and confirm Varsity as soon as possible. We hope that this early planning of the event will enable us to provide the best Varsity as of yet.”

The 2014 date is within Southampton term time, reflecting the concern of AU members that a date outside term time affected Southampton’s chances of getting teams together this year. Portsmouth won the trophy this March for the first time in four years after a close-fought competition on their home turf. Varsity involves the majority of the sports teams across campus, and is one of the highlights of the AU calendar.

You can read the official Sabbs’ blog here.


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    Hang on a minute, I thought Southampton won the last Varsity eventually

    Sam Everard

    Portsmouth actually refused to accept the new evidence we presented them, so no, we still didn’t win in the end.

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