UPDATE: Two Men Arrested in Connection with Robbery of 92-Year-Old


UPDATE: The two men have now been bailed by police, pending further enquiries. A condition of their bail is that they sign on at Southampton Central police station on a regular basis. They are bailed until September 12th. 

Bitterne police arrested two men today in connection with last week’s robbery and assault on a 92-year-old man on Shaftesbury Avenue.

An 18-year-old and a 29-year-old were arrested this morning, and are being held at Southampton Central police station.

The man had £500 stolen from him on the 6th of August, and was knocked to the ground in the incident. He required surgery to repair damage to one of his hands.


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    I find your Facebook post, “Justice Prevails”, to be misguided.

    Arrest is simply a power to stop someone leaving and limiting their basic rights that is exercised to obtain further evidence, usually by questionning, and does not necessarily mean they are guilty.

    Justice, however, will prevail, if they go to court and are found guilty, but the way our criminal justice system works, they will probably get let off or treated very leaniently, especially if this is a first offence.

    Sam Everard

    Considering that post was a status of mine, it’s nothing to do with the Scene. It’s my view, and yeah, it was kinda flippant, but I don’t need you to explain an arrest to me. And if you’re my friend on Facebook, you could either comment on there or at least use your real name. Message me personally if you have an issue.

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