Union President Promises to Put Money Back into Student Groups


In a blog published on the 12th of August, Union President David Gilani outlined his proposal to put as much of SUSU’s profits as possible back into student activities.

In an entry that also described plans for a student-led nightlife team, which would involve planning events and marketing, and giving 12 students the chance to organise the 2014 Graduation Ball, Gilani promised students that SUSU’s trading profit would be reinvested into Union facilities and assisting student groups.

Halfway through the entry, Gilani stated:

“I am making a promise that if our commercial trading outperforms in the first term, then I shall propose to trustee board that this extra money straight [sic]into student based activities (rather than also increasing our surplus for the year).”

At the same time, he assured that he would keep prices among Union retail outlets ‘as low as possible’. The focus here seems to very much be on the Union giving back to students and reassuring us that the Union budget is well spent. These are some bold promises, and hopefully ones that will have been upheld come January.


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