This Year’s Freshers Offered ‘Master Pass’ For Events


In an effort to lower costs and increase the range of activities available for new students, SUSU are introducing a ‘Master Pass’ that will cover entry to every event across the Fresher’s Fortnight.

The idea behind the pass is that it will cost significantly less than buying tickets for each event individually, with an RRP of £95. This is opposed to the estimated £151 cost of attending an averagely priced event each evening across the fortnight. The pass includes events in halls, campus, and external venues, as well as the Fresher’s Ball.

SUSU President David Gilani said:

“The Master Pass means that new students no longer have to worry about buying tickets before they know what their friends are doing, as it gives them that choice when they arrive in Southampton. We all want to make sure that there is a strong variety between our events, so that there is something for everyone: from massive club nights to quizzes, live music to karaoke, at venues all across Southampton.”

The pass was originally named the ‘AAA pass’ – Access All Areas – but was renamed after feedback from students suggested that it might cause confusion with similar schemes in place at Southampton Solent University.

The Master Pass will go on sale from 9am on the 23rd of August.



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    £95 is still too much I feel. If students didn’t have the pass then it would be impossible to go to every event anyway since events will be on at the same time and most freshers won’t be spending ALL their time going to these events. So if they didn’t have the pass they would probably spend less than £95 for admission to the events anyway which means buying the pass is a bad deal for them. I think £50 (or maybe even less) would be more appropriate to make the pass a worthwhile investment, and maybe that could include some drinks deals too.

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