Wessex Scene Make ‘Ones to Watch’ Top Three


It has been announced this afternoon that the Wessex Scene have been short-listed by student media showcasing site ‘Ones to Watch’  for ‘Student Publication of the Year’ 2013, placing us in the top three of student media publications nominated.

Opened on August 2nd, ten student publications were nominated including Cherwell (University of Oxford) and Palatinate (University of Durham). Reasons for nomination ranged from website redesign, to relevant, insightful features, to high-quality content.

SUSU President David Gilani said of the news:

“It’s been such an amazing year for the Wessex Scene. From their local coverage, that has then featured on BBC news on many occasions; to the international features which remind students that is a world outside our University bubble; and their viral satire articles, which stormed Reddit’s front page. The writers and editors should be very proud.”

The other two publications to make the top three were The Boar (University of Warwick) and Forge Today (University of Sheffield).

Results will be chosen by select Ones to Watch judges announced on September 1st.

Wessex Scene and cakes


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    I’m assuming the standards for reaching shortlisting were pretty low then? I can’t remember the last time the wessex scene has ever held anyone to account or criticised poor decisions – i.e. the foundations of a free and successful press. Although some of the feature pieces are good.

    And from what I’ve heard, wessex scene has drastically decreased in web traffic over the past year…

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      It was actually a public vote, so kinda high, I guess? And whatever fake uninformed source you’re using is wrong: the past year has been our best ever for traffic. If you like, you can provide an email address and I’ll send the stats over.

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        Sorry to be a killjoy, but as with so many aspects of student culture, ‘Ones to Watch’ sounds like yet another arbitrary popularity contest conferring misplaced feelings of prestige and superiority.

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      Following on from my comment below, if you don’t think the WS is not delivering articles which you consider “hold people to account” or criticise “poor decision” then why not do it yourself?

      Do some investigative journalism and write the articles you’d like to see. I think people expect things like the Wessex Scene, and the Union in general, to do everything for them, but the whole point is that what it does is based on those who actually make the effort and get involved. If the articles that you’d like to see are not being written then write them yourself.

      You’ll gain good experience and perhaps get to apprecaite the work that does go into it.

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    Not surprised, but somewhat disappointed that the first comment on here is one of someone looking to be disparaging toward, and bring down the achievements of a fantastic group of volunteers.

    The Wessex scene has had a fantastic year, and this recognition is both well deserved, and a huge vote of confidence from the public that you’ve come a long way.

    Perhaps the only improvement I’d be keen to see would be link comments to something like facebook or have the comments as a twitter stream in order to remove the anonymity from individuals looking just to bring others down due to their own shortcomings.

    Regardless of the final result keep up the good work, and I’m looking forward to seeing how you build on this success to continue innovating/improving.

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